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Bence Kiss is my full civil name. I was born on 31/03/1991 at Eger,Hungary.
I have started to dealing with music around 2007, including producing and live dj'ing. At the beginning I was playing in small home partys/pubs. And then Year by year received more and more bookings from bigger and bigger clubs. Since 2009 I got really busy. I was playing 5,6 days a week and really enjoyed, I miss that time. In 2012 I moved to Worcester, UK. Since then I'm playing only in part time at pubs,restaurants,private parties,weddings,live video shows...ETC.
Here is a few of my DJ history:
2009-Borostyan Club,Bogacs,Hungary(1yr resident DJ),
2010-The Movie Club,Mezokovesd,Hungary(6mths resident DJ),
2010-Rio,Budapest,Hungary(3mths sessional guest DJ),
2011-2012-Coronita Club,Budapest,Hungary(1yr resident DJ)
2012-Z2 Club,Novalja,Croatia(2nght guest DJ)

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Borostyan Club(Hungary),The Movie Club(Hungary),Rio(Hungary),Coronita(Hungary),Z2(Croatia)CCK(Birmingham),Golden Cross(Redditch)




Vocal House,Progressive House,Electro House,Trance,Tech House,Minimal Techno,"Retro/Rock/Hip-hop Reworks(House remixes)."

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