col lawton D90

From Newcastle upon tyne

DJ Profile

Col found house music in 2001 in the unforgettable underground house scene in Newcastle in the old Foundation 'Shindig'. Saturdays became the new religion of going clubbing and experiencing DEEP, FUNK, TECH HOUSE music.
Through this music experience Col found friends with the same passion for music which sparked a desire to learn to mix and blend House music, to do this he learnt from his best buddy Stu Welford well known around the music scene for seameless mixing. After many years of learning and mixing Col and Stu struck up a DJ partnership playing BAK2BAK at house parties, pubs and clubs such as Bar 55, Federation nights, Camp David, Enigma, Baron and Baroness as well as playing at festivals such as Blendfields and university nights also been involved in producing music with Cris Slater and Mark Chambers (fabric London)

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

pleased to meet you (newcastle), Bar55, Enigma, mushroom bar, camp david, baron and baroness, club beyond, durham university, blendfields festival, Bobstock festivals, Hangar 500 which can be found on facebook




deep house / funky house / jacking house / tech house

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