dave green

From London

DJ Profile

I have been DJing and more recently VJing for over 30 years.I have worked in some major clubs in the U.K and also a few times abroad.I mostly do private parties these days.I'm a personality jock and like to use the mic but i have no problem spending the evening just mixing.I carry a 3000w peavey black widow and amp set up but have also got a couple of mackie thumps for smaller gigs.And of course the full video 100"screen set up with a couple of hd video projectors and laser light show.In the 80s and 90s i worked 7 nights a week but these days im content with three or four.I also do quiz nights midweek for a company called question one based in London.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Martines Corby,Mr Bips Corby,decades Kettering,The venue Corby,Amra Forum hotel Jordan,Hilton hotel Singapore,Fusion Kettering,The Peacock ,Kettering,plus at least a hundred other venues




50s,60s 70s 80s,90s,00s,chart,R&B,House ,Funky House,Motown/Soul,Northern Soul,Irish,

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