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DJ Sharp who is from New Jersey is a talented DJ who is easy to work with. DJ Sharp delivers quality, interacts with the audience and gives off a cool vibe in any room or atmosphere.

Sharp started out at the age of 13 using vinyl, years before DJing became digital. After his uncle Paul (DJ P.O.) left his equipment running around Sharp when he was only 7 years old, Sharp became interested in getting into the craft. Years later Sharp's neighbor(a bar owner named Jeff) sold Sharp his first set of (belt drive) turntables. After months of practicing on those cheap decks, Sharp upgraded to more professional turntables and started DJing school events, house parties, BBQs etc.

DJ Sharp became close with 2 older DJs from his neighborhood (DJ Juice and Bee Smooth Trenton, NJ) and gained the knowledge and skills of a professional DJ after taking advice and constructive criticism from those 2 guys.

In 2004 DJ Sharp released a number of "mixtapes"(mixes) independently and gained fans.

Sharp has the experience and knows how to entertain crowds of party goers, wedding guests, corporate events etc.

Since 1993 DJ Sharp has made people dance, put smiles on faces and helped make special events memorable.

Genrè: House, EDM, Techno, Pop, HipHop, R&B, Oldies, Disco, Funk, Soul, Latin, Reggae, Classic Rock

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Venues Played:

Dave & Busters, Tilted Kilt, Macy's department stores, Club 88, VFW




House, HipHop, EDM, Reggae, Disco, Pop

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