Kamo LC

From Cardiff

DJ Profile

Camilo Luongo aka Kamo, born on 2nd July 1990.
As a child he fell in love with music and the figure of the Old School DJ, intrigued by the allure of vinyl. So he moved to Milan, Italy and at age of 16 he attended a school for DJs who helped him to feed his passion. Begins to spin his records in various clubs with sounds ranging from Techno and Tech House to strong South American influence. In 2006 founded with Ramsi the duo "Owner Sound" and began to bring their own sets and their style of music in clubs and parties around Milan. Since 2010 they decide to pursue the project "Owner Sound" by putting innovations and propose a new style of Live performance that would make their sets more elaborate and dynamic. From September 2012 begins to follow other projects, devoting a little more to himself, Kamo LC.

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

Everywhere in North Italy


Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Uruguay


Tech-House, Techno, Deep-House

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