Kane E/ DJ Tigga/ 5ize 12/ NO Kane

From Burton upon Trent

DJ Profile

I Have been Djing since the age of 14 using my older brother's Technic 1210s Playing under 18s events. At 16 started playing in night clubs and at the age of 18 I became a resident for the Gatehouse Derby. Age 21 moved to London playing student nights, pirate radio and pretty much anywhere I could play. 25 moved back to the midlands for family reasons, I currently help out other DJ's from my area to improve, I continue play residency's through out the midlands and festivals with weddings/funerals on occasion as well as Djing for opening acts on arena tours.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Gatehouse, GHost bar, Bunka, Bar XV, Allure, Ubber rooms, Friction, Forbiden Forest, LPM festival Amsterdam, Strawberry Feilds Festival, Forntline FM, Bassbook.




House&Garage, Grime/Trap, Dub Step, R&B, House, Drum&Bass anything urban.

DJ Hire - Kane E/ DJ Tigga/ 5ize 12/ NO Kane
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