Kevin SKy

From Faro . Portugal

DJ Profile

Kevin Sky, the young prodigious DJ and producer from Algarve (Portugal) – the hometown of famous top DJ Pete Tha Zouk – is one of the fiercest acts to emerge from the latest generation of portuguese artists.

Kevin Sky is considered one of the newest talentous DJs in Portugal. He have a unique style and he always convert the audience in big fans and has been credited for bringing dance music closer to the mainstream genre in a magical way.

With his live performances gaining unmissable status, it is clear to see that his vast studio outputs appear just as prolific, making it undeniable that Kevin Sky has moved beyond the tag of “one to watch”.
Kevin Sky also plans to put out more music soon, and he wants to show his music in more countries in the future

In fact, from the studio to the dance floors and back, Kevin Sky certainly will be a World Top DJ and Producer.

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

Lot of clubs and bars in Portugal and Polonia




deep,House, Tech House, Progressive House, edm

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