Lady E

From Brighton

DJ Profile

Born in North Yorkshire and raised in London, Belgium and Amsterdam Lady E has played the DJ circuit for over 10 years. As founder of The House of Pain promotions and currently the only female DJ on Platinum 87.5 FM she has paved her way to becoming a global international DJ and radio presenter. Previous events include The Sage Club-Berlin, Café Royal-Barcelona, FX Bau-Chemnitz, Tangerine-Dubai and Electrofields-Sicily. Playing a wide genre of beats from Electronic, Jungle and Drum & Bass to House, Garage, R&B and Hip hop.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

EGG London, Sage Club-Berlin, Café Royal-Barcelona, FX Bau-Germany, Tangerine-Dubai, Electrofields-Sicily




EDM, House, Garage, Drum & Bass

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