Micah Baxter

From Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

DJ Profile

I have been DJing for about a year now and i have self taught myself everything i know. I have just got myself a job DJing friday and saturdays in a couple of local clubs in my area. I have picked it up very fast and people have gave me very good reviews. I try leave open my genres of music so i can be varible to whatever music is wanted. When i currently DJ in the clubs i play some RNB, comercial house , pop , old school songs , mash ups and remixes. When i started Djing i soley focused on house and techno music but since then have branched out my genres of music. I have held and organised my own house event , with myself headlining and four other DJs playing and supporting. In the future i hope to organise more house events as i sold out my last one. I am striving to get myself as much expierence as possible and im always learning new techniques to mixing and trying new things. Not one set is the same with me. I currently use a macbook pro and a pioneer sz digital controller.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

The Case, The VIP lounge, H20




Commercial house, House, techno, pop, grime, rnb, hip hop.

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