Rose Diamonds

From Guildford

DJ Profile

Gary aka Rose Diamonds is Producer/DJ/Songwriter studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Originally from France, Gary focuses on a variety of genres but is mainly starting to focus on a more Mainstream/Top charts Dance and downbeat, relaxed style. Other genres include Big Room, Tropical House, Trap, Pop, Dubstep, House, Deep House & Dance but doesn’t shy away from others including Hip Hop/R&B.

Gary impressively has had a residency, as well as performing in some of the best recommended night clubs over Europe such as “The VIP Room (St Tropez, France), where most of famous people or artists/actors hang around during Summer, where he had so much fun bring his early stuff to their ears. He also performed in Spain (Barcelona and Mallorca ) during last Summer.

He then moved onto Ireland when he was a residency in Wright Venue (Dublin)-the most recommended venue for electronic music in Ireland.

Putting these achievements aside, and focusing on bringing his music over to the UK as an artist, by building his domestic fan base under the name of “GARY WILL’ CARTER “. He has many different musical influences which includes the likes of Calvin Harris / Daft Punk / Martin Garrix / Justice that has brought his personality out as an artist, to where he sees his creativeness reflected today.

Gary has always enjoyed music and now thinks it’s the right time to contribute to the music industry with his creativity, there’s lots more exciting music to come for this multi- talented man. Click the links below to keep posted and check out his debut single online: “Otherside” (feat. Josefin Larsson)

Written by Emily Jane Baker

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Write Venue / VIP Room / Prosper Club


England / South Ireland / Netherland / Belgium / France / Germany


Dance / big room / trap / dubstep / Deep House / House

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