From London, UK

DJ Profile

Since I first discovered House and Techno roughly 10 years ago, I've been a passionate fan of the genre, having amassed a huge a variety of tracks that I can't wait to share with the world through DJ'ing.

Having developed an intuitive understanding of the beats and structures of my music, I'm finding DJ'ing to just be a natural progression to my enjoyment of the music and I look forward to developing more complex mixing techniques, effects and productions that I can work with.

Being given the chance to play and experiment with my favourite music would not be work to me, it would be an honor and pleasure that will mean I produce the best possible work at a given event.

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

N/A Yet




Deep/Tech/Acid/Minimal/Tribal/Tropical House, Techno, Ambient, Electronica, Garage, DnB, Dubstep, Jungle, EDM, Hip-Hop

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