Steve Dean

From Brighton

DJ Profile

i started out a few years back, trying to learn the ropes, never really got fully into it until my 20's, i felt like my passion to DJ had been lost.
after getting back into it and taking a lot of time and effort, over the months i started to see progress and that i was getting somewhere.

during that time i have managed to play at some incredible venues, in the uk and abroad, i also host 2 radio shows weekly.

I've learnt a lot over the years, and its made me a better DJ for it.

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

Maggie Maes, Wahkiki, Walkabout, Shoosh, FunFair, Mother Bar 333, Dusk2Dawn, The Forum, Fabric, Ministry Of Sound




chart,house,deep house,tropical,tech house,edm,chill out, rnb, party

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