Tony Michaelz

From Birmingham

DJ Profile

Grew up during the 80's listening to Pop, Breakdance, Soul, Hip Hop and RnB. Early 90's started dabbling in mixing Hip Hop and then Jungle Techno. I then spent most of my time as a bedroom and pirate radio DJ mixing DnB and then got into music production. Played at some raves over the years for fun. Graduated from a HND Music production course in 2011 and then graduated from a BSc Sound Engineering course 2015. Bought a PA and Traktor S4 during early 2016 to start doing gigs and then started at a club sound engineering and began playing House and Bass music at that club whilst continuing to sound engineer there.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Bushwackers Birmingham, Media Nightclub Norwich and Staffordshire University.




House, Garage, DnB, RnB, Hip Hop and Chart.

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