Wayne Ritchie

From Romford

DJ Profile

The Beginning
I began djing at the age of 18. I didn't not have amazing equipment but I used it to learn perfecting my beat matching and time keeping the strongest and most important aspects of dancemusic in my opinion.

The Progression
I progressed from playing to myself in my bedroom to friends and family's parties where I had been encouraged to take my love and skills for music further.
I moved on to playing local pirate radio stations gaining experience and how to entertain an audience.
The feed I have received had always been positive no matter what the style of music I have played.
I have played many styles of music but have always returned to dance playing funky soulful and Uplifting house.
This music best represents me and my positive outlook in life expressing how I feel inside and it shows.
I become excited animated and happy feeling full of life.

The Producer
I also produce music and have done so since the age of 16.
I have learnt how to analyse and appreciate other music producers.
This has also enabled me to become even more openminded as a dj producer.

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

Ministry of sound London, Entice parties London, Camden palace London, LockedOnLine Radio




New and Uplifting Housemusic, Soulful and Vocal House, Edm

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